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Consultancy & Services
Becota helps clients to achieve their most complex and critical objectives, supporting from
strategy to delivery, considering all perspectives: people, talent, processes and technology.

Connecting People

We connect people from various disciplines and cultures for diverse project settings. We help clients design collaborative work processes and ensure that all project members work towards a common goal.

- Project Management / PMO
- Change Management
- Knowledge Management


Connecting Processes

We understand cutting-edge technology in the same way as we understand business requirements and user needs. We think in integrated end-to-end scenarios and help our clients to create innovative business processes and reach their most crucial corporate objectives.

- Process Design
- Project Controlling
- Quality Management


Connecting Talent

We consider talent as the most important asset that a company possesses. We help clients design their learning, development and management processes for their talents, from new hires to executives.

- (e)Learning
- Training
- Coaching


Connecting Technology

We support IT projects from strategy to go live. We help clients to implement powerful support models and roll out IT solutions on time, in quality and on budget.

- Software Procurement (RFI/RFP)
- Functional Specification
- Software Rollout