Virtualizing the book industry

This week, on Wednesday (June 8, 2011), Dr. Jörg Dörnemann from epubli will share   stories how a lean web start-up aims at disrupting the book industry.  We kindly invite you to the Berlin School of Economics and Law and join us for this upcoming event of the  Consulting Forum.

The event is open to public and students from all faculties.

For more info please refer to the event’s page.

Project mission possible

In this week’s lecture we spoke about envisioning, scoping and contracting. For most people, these are possibly the most trickiest things in project management. In any case, they are extremely hard to explain to students who typically lack business experience (and thus sufficient practical examples). Therefore, in order to avoid talking about abstract stuff, I was searching for common ground and found this video: any project should start with such a clear assigment!

You can download the presentation here.