Service Innovation at Volkswagen

Service innovation has already changed traditional industries, and it will certainly not stop doing so in the future. In this regard, customer-driven innovation became a particularly hot topic. In the automotive industry, it has been a long journey from Ford’s famous quote (“any customer can have a car of any color … as long as it is black”) to today’s companies with their corporate mission of being “mobility service providers” rather than pure “car manufacturers”. In our workshop, we will gain some insights from Volkswagen’s Service Innovation Team. How is one of the biggest players inventing value-added services … and how do they make sure to meet customer’s demands?   

Sessions Hosts:

Franziska Krüger & Marianna Recchia
Service Innovation Team, Volkswagen AG

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Twitter minutes:

  • #BECF Applause, applause – 1000 Thx for a marvellous event to Marianna Recchia & Franziska Krueger!!!
  • #BECF Collecting the results of the teams. Pics will be available on the BECF website soon
  •  #BECF The four meeting types are: regular team meeting; co-creation (ideation) session, deadline meeting, meeting with client
  •  #BECF Students teams reflecting on 4 different types of team meetings. What are the intentions, the challenges, the tools, and the roles?
  •  #BECF intrdocucing an interactive team session. Experience dialogue in group sessions -> The Kubus PM System of Copenhagen Business School
  •  #BECF How we invent … everybody is an expert: observation as the most important point. The example of inventing Swiffer (Procter & Gamble)
  •  #BECF Thinking in extremes helps stimulating ideas. “Imagine a car could fly!” Co-creating on all levels and prototyping ideas!
  •  #Crucial differences between car design and service design (developing services around cars). What are similarities in design/innovation?
  •  #BECF EMPATHY as a major issue in service innovation. Developing a deep understanding what people actually do, feel, desire, need …
  •  #BECF from “Design for” to “design with”! People change, services change -> accordingly innovation processes change as well: Design WITH the people!
  • #BECF about “communicating intentions” in business innovation projects. With experiences and stories from Volkswagen Service Innovation
  • #BECF Berlin Consulting Forum starting in a couple of minutes. Today with @frantastique and @marianna_rec

Impressions from the event: