The Art of Scheduling

Everybody who has ever dealt with a project knows this situation: in the final phase it gets very stressful, the project manager feels pretty much under pressure and starts adding last second resources. This might solve the problem in some cases. But in most challenging business or IT projects it rather leads to an almost chaotic situation. Our latest presentation shows how to effectively schedule a project and illustrates that digging a hole is an entirely different project than the bearing of a child.  Go to presentation…

The risky “what happens next machine”

Would you climb a mountain? Would you jump from a bridge? Would you wrestle an alligator? Do you tend to think in best or in worst case scenarios?

Your personal attitude (as well as the corporate culture) pretty much impacts your risk management approach. In other words, it determines the amount of effort which you are willing to invest in managing the “what happens next machine” (aka each damn business project)!

You can download this week’s “Risk Management” presentation here.