Mobile Strategies as Drivers for Business Innovation

Mobile services have become part of our everyday life and drive innovative services and industry trends. Still, creating mobile services and business models or extending existing services to the mobile space is an area in its infancy. The lack of meaningful market data and internal capabilities make it difficult for companies to unleash their mobile potential. Jointly we will discuss challenges and success factors when it comes to mobile services and strategies.

Session Host:

Dr. Alexander Koeppen-Dlugosch
(Pocketweb GmbH)

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On Friday, the 2nd of November 2012, Alexander Koeppen-Dlugosch hosted a workshop on the success factors of mobile applications. When do mobile ideas become more than “just another app”? In which cases turn mobile strategies out as “real business” that creates serious money (an inventor can live from)? The audience of 37 students, scientists, entrepreneurs, and consultants,  was surprised to hear how few mobile ideas make it to the market. And they were surprised to hear what effort it takes to make an idea become a strategy and a strategy become a product. The most exciting moment of the workshop? When the particpants shaped their own strategies for mobile services… and challenged the other participants to play “devil’s advocate”.

Thank you very much Alexander for deep insights and a thrilling event!