Project mission possible

In this week’s lecture we spoke about envisioning, scoping and contracting. For most people, these are possibly the most trickiest things in project management. In any case, they are extremely hard to explain to students who typically lack business experience (and thus sufficient practical examples). Therefore, in order to avoid talking about abstract stuff, I was searching for common ground and found this video: any project should start with such a clear assigment!

You can download the presentation here.

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My life in a nutshell: No thoughts about economics before my apprenticeship at Mercedes Benz, the car manufacturer. Got enthusiastic when I saw the first impacts of PCs and the Internet in corporations. Could almost smell that this was something revolutionary and thus decided to learn more about it. Graduated in Business, found my mentor (Professor A.-W. Scheer) and spent the next years as a researcher at his Institute for Information Systems. Went to Dublin as a Visiting Professor at Michael Smurfit Business School, which established my still enduring love affair with Ireland. Then the year 2000: Ph.D. for a lot of words about organizational learning and the end of the first part of my academic career – time to face business reality! Moved to Germany’s capital city of Berlin for freshly founded IMC, a spin-off from my university institute. Led the consulting unit, built up their international business and had a hell of fun with an awesome team of highly intelligent and passionate people. Found my cause in identifying young business talent, developing it and bringing it into positions where esprit, wit and knowledge can create innovation and excellence. This is why I founded Becota - The Berlin Consulting and Talent Association. And this is why I returned to academia, becoming a Professor of Business Process Management at Berlin School of Economics and Law.

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