2012/04/20 April

Design Thinking – The power of narrative for innovative solutions

Part of the success of Design Thinking is the approach to build solutions around customer insights. When we put the needs of users at the centre of our investigation, we get closer to their perspectives, their passions and their environment.

But how does this work?
Here is where storytelling comes into play.

In this session we will create a hands-on experience with Design Thinking and find ourselves in the first phase of the design thinking process.

You will work in teams to:
  • Tackle a challenge
  • Create Personas to describe a particular point of view
  • Tell the story of the specific customer’ needs by adopting their perspective.

Session Host:

Valentina CATENA

Design Thinker, Initiator of the Art of Transformation Lab
Education Designer at Academy of Visionautics  and Impuls

More info about Valentina on LinkedIn

Video from the event:

Photos from the event:
You can find imrpessions from the event in our Flickr gallery.DSC_0529

Twitter minutes from the event:

  • Big hands for Valentina Catena. Thank you very much for hosting today’s session. What a marvelous experience. #BECF
  • Consulting Forum participants admiring their prototypes. Wow, what a hell of great stuff … #BECF
  • Now it’s getting really tough (at least for business students :) ) – develop some radical ideas to meet your user’s needs! #BECF
  • Defining to the problem statement …Before that: describing things, the user is trying to do and ways the user want to feel. #BECF
  • Creating a “persona” – a picture of the user: what (s)he feels, desires, his/her private and professional background, attitude, etc. #BECF
  • Digging deeper into users wishes, needs, fears, dreams, etc. People interviewing each other by using
  • The one who is telling a story based on the contents of his/her wallet is the “user” – the listener is the design thinker. #BECF
  • That was a problem solving approach in innovation. Now let’s taste the difference: Introduce yourself by the content of your wallet #BECF
  • Starting the challenge … working in pairs … the task: design the ideal wallet … start with a sketch … #BECF
  • The magic marker … any thing can be whatever you like it to be … warming up the creativity of the group. #BECF
  • Understanding the process of design thinking … particularly the importance of “story telling” and “emphatizing”. #BECF
  • Valentina Catena just started her session at the Berlin Consulting Forum. 40 people excited to experience design thinking today. #BECF


Berlin School of of Economics and Law
Badensche Str. 50-51
Room B 1.01 (first floor, left stairway)
10825 Berlin


14:00 – 16:00 h