2012/01/20 January


Professor of Computer & Systems Science

Stockholm University, Sweden


Power Games: Get Negative People to Cooperate

In this workshop we learned how to handle people who behave bad or do not want to listen to us. The workshop contained two parts, a more theoretaical and a more practical one. In the first part, Harald Kjellin introduced the theory of power games. Here, we discussed questions like

  • What is competition and why do we compete?
  • When do we compete and how do we compete?
  • What are generic strategies of competition?
  • What are tactics and tricks in specific types of power games?

In the second part we practiceed our abilities to handle negative people. For this, we have set up role-based dialogues. Watch the video:

The following list of literature is for your reference, if you would like to know more about communication under stress.

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And two more standard references on the art of negotiation & assertiveness:

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