2011/11/04 November


Senior Consultant

bor!sgloger Group, Germany/Austria

Scrum, a management framework for developing products

In this interactive workshop, participants will

  • receive an introduction to Scrum: the different roles, meetings, artifacts and the rules that glue them together
  • learn something about the differences of Scrum to traditional project management methods in a short time build their own product
  • experience the idea of continuous improvement
  • and hopefully have a lot of fun

Twitter minutes:

  • The Forum is closing now … Thank you, Sven for the marvellous performance! #BECF
  • Beautiful brochures … presented in a funny and passionate way … great job, teams! #BECF
  • Students are experiencing Scrum -> producing a brochure for the Earth Tourist Board located on Mars. #BECF
  • The audience is sceptical -> what can Scrum provide in practice: what about realiable cost estimations, what about significant scope? #BECF
  • Question from the audience: How to prioritize and find the important features, how many people to ask? Answer: Just one, the product manager! #BECF
  • Traditional project approach: 1,5 years of work lead to 2000 pages req spec but no actual results (in terms of releasable stuff). #BECF
  • Scrum Ingredients: Cross-functional team, customer insights, clear time frame, trial & error, and: be focused (on a feasible result). #BECF
  • Motto: fail often to succeed sooner! Failure as a source of excellence -> requires a mature culture of trust and collaboration #BECF
  • Without time constraints … a messy process … nothing would be done and completed! #BECF
  • The big challenge: finding the right experts and assembling a great team! Hierarchies are matter of team building and expertise. #BECF
  • Watching a video about IDEO and how they create and develop great products. #BECF
  • Sven Blesin just started his speech at the Consulting Forum. Room has never been as crowded as today. Students are #agile! #BECF #Scrum

Berlin School of of Economics and Law
Badensche Str. 50-51
Room B 1.01 (first floor, left stairway)
10825 Berlin