2011/06/08 June



epubli GmbH, Berlin, Germany

epubli offers leading edge Print-on-Demand and Self-Publishing services for a broad range of authors from scientists to fiction writers. Via the innovative web platform www.epubli.de users can turn their PDF files into a professionally printed book or an eBook with just a few clicks.

Berlin School of of Economics and Law
Badensche Str. 50-51
Room B 1.01 (first floor, left stairway)
10825 Berlin


The speech will be about virtual processes & advanced collaboration;
How a lean web startup aims at disrupting the book industry:

This highly interactive workshop will

  • briefly describe how digitization affects the book industry
  • give a short introduction to the epubli Print-on-Demand and Self-Publishing business model
  • discuss which type of customers benefit most from epubli disrupting the traditional value chain of book publishing
  • assess the specific challenges of expanding the epubli model into international markets

Twitter minutes:

  • Thank you very much for the great performance! Guess many students found a new distribution channel for their thesis
  • Printing in Germany is not seen as a USP by the audience. But why do people then pay absurd prices to cutlery with Swiss flags on it ;)
  • Discussing market entry in Kuwait (GCC countries). Self-publishing officially non-authorized content is an issue.
  • epubli is a German success story so far. Analyzing critical success factors for internationalizing the service.
  • Bloggers can easily compose and sell their “best of” content as a book. Some great success stories in these regards.
  • Students making an educated guess regarding the top 5 target groups of epubli (for which types of authors is the service attractive?)
  • epubli’s mission: establishing a direct link between author & reader (skipping players/steps of the industry’s traditional value chain)
  • Speaking about digitalizing the book industry. In the US, revenues for digital books have already outpaced traditional print.
  • epubli belongs to the Holzbrinck group, a big publishing house, which was making first steps towards internet business 15 years ago
  • Many attendees from UK today, welcoming MBA students from Kingston University in London.
  • Dr. Joerg Doernemann, CEO of epubli, is beginning his speech at today’s Berlin Consulting Forum.