2011/05/18 May

Virtual Process Specialist & Partner at Radical Inclusion

Change Management Consultant & Partner at Radical Inclusion



Berlin School of of Economics and Law
Badensche Str. 50-51
Room B 1.01 (first floor, left stairway)
10825 Berlin


The session will be about
Virtual Processes & Advanced Collaboration
Experiencing Change in a Global Network

In this interactive workshop we will

  • present a case study: a global network on NGOs wanted to improve their virtual collaboration processes and tools.
  • talk about the challenges to project management in what seems to be a simple and straight forward project: individual needs, power struggle, established processes and other issues result in different levels of resistance to the project.
  • express why project management often turns into change management: most projects are complex because they are implemented in complex social systems.
  • explore a tool to understand the non-linearity of a change project: The Change Journey (www.changejourney.org). The Change Journey is a meta model for understanding the deeper patterns of change processes and for helping teams and organizations to design their own change strategy.

Twitter minutes:

  • # Many thanks to Juliane and Holger for their brilliant effort. The audience really appreciated exploring the “Map of Change”!
  • # The power of metaphorical tools to initiate dialogue within an organization: a neutral driver that gets personal interest sorted out. Great experience with the “Map of Change”!
  • # Collecting the recommendations Involving mainly team building and better involving the project sceptics. The big question: Who is the customer / and the influence of stakeholders?
  • # Fascinating description of the system’s constellation by the role-playing students. Task: what should they do as a next/first step to improve the situation?
  • # Students are selecting their starting positions on the Map. And explaining their choice to the audience.
  • # Assigning and explaining the roles for the system constellation. And introducing THE MAP OF CHANGE.
  • # Initial problem: no common ground (shared perpsectives) as well as different interests and awareness levels for decision making.
  • # Introducing the case: Strengthening processes & introducing virtual tools for distributed work in a global organization/network.
  • # In general, tools can only help to a small (a very limited) extent to manage socio-technical, i.e. complex systems. The same is true for PM tools.
  • # Can we take it for granted that people understand that companies are complex systems? And if yes, what is the behavioural consequence?
  • # Thesis/assumptions: some (most?) managers act like an organization would be a machine. Do they really believe this? An organization rather is a living system!
  • # Asking the audience: “Why do projects fail?” Stated reasons 1: unexpected events, 2 lack of human resources (occupied project members), 3. lack of stakeholder management
  • # Today’s topic: Experiencing Change in a Global Network (presenting a global network of NGOs).
  • # Holger Nauheimer and Juliane Neumann from Radical Inclusion just started their speech at the Berlin Consulting Forum.