2010/11/19 November


Christian R.G. DE NEEF
Owner, Fast Track Consulting, Brussels, Belgium
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When Your Business Knowledge Goes East…

The Risks and Benefits of Off-shoring Business Critical Systems

The larger the organization — often resulting from multiple mergers and acquisitions — the more complex (and complicated) it’s Business and IT systems. Indeed, over the years, legacy systems have been reworked, migrated, embedded into new software layers, hidden behind more user-friendly interfaces, etc. And in doing so, organizations have lost flexibility and control, thus increasing vulnerability as it becomes ever more dangerous to make business changes that impact these legacy systems…

Moreover, both the total effort and the unit cost of systems maintenance have been growing exponentially, encouraging IT departments to outsource work to off-shore suppliers. As a result, both business and technical knowledge and skills are moving off-shore. What are the advantages/dangers of this approach? Can a company afford to leave its key business logic in the hands of a third party? What if things go wrong? What are the alternatives? What are the longer-term implications? Etc.

No theoretical models here, but practical, real-life project experience will be used to explore and discuss these issues, and to identify together which lessons can be learned, how some pitfalls can be avoided. More than a presentation, this will be a conversation where everyone will have an opportunity to share ideas/experience.

This session will explore the cross-roads of knowledge management, legacy systems, and complex, international off-shoring/outsourcing project management.

  • @cdn thx a lot for the eye-opening business case and the exciting stories.Very much enjoyed your presentation #becf 4:17 PM Nov 19th via web
  • #becf Shared responsibility between customer and provider as a core success factor for projects of higher complexity. 4:02 PM Nov 19th via web
  • #becf Inter-cultural communication and collaboration as a key challenge in offshoring projects (even if it appears to be something else…) 3:54 PM Nov 19th via web
  • #becf How to deal with a tough (almost hopeless) project situation: lively discussion among the students … and some really nice ideas :) 3:29 PM Nov 19th via web
  • #becf What to do, if your provider tells you everything is under control, but you as a PM got an entirely different picture? 2:56 PM Nov 19th via web
  • #becf: the project proposal of a European consulting firm (tool-based) was five-times higher then the lowest Asian offer (people-based). 2:45 PM Nov 19th via web
  • #becf: The solution idea: Lasagne instead of Spaghetti!! 2:34 PM Nov 19th via web
  • #becf: The challenge: dividing the business logic (3500 business rules) from the IT application (hidden in the source code!) 2:33 PM Nov 19th via web
  • #becf Case Study: introducing a new business model in an insurance firm. The problem of dealing with a broad spectrum of customized products. 2:32 PM Nov 19th via web
  • #becf Christian de Neef @cdn is speaking at the Berlin Consulting Forum: companies are like onions! 2:25 PM Nov 19th via web