2010/12/10 December

Richard KLEIN
Project Manager/ Manager, Learning Management System Online,
E.ON AG, Düsseldorf, Germany

The challenges of a global HR project!

Richard Klein, project manager at E.ON, Europe’s biggest gas and power supplier, has been speaking about an international rollout of a corporate Learning platform.

Twitter minutes:

  • #BECF In large-scale projects balancing risk and balancing budget make the first pair of main success factors, the second is communication and trust! 3:48 PM Dec 10th
  • #BECF A big challenge: how to migrate HR data and harmonize information originating from various sources (languages, systems, formats, etc.) 3:35 PM Dec 10th
  • #BECF Total project team size: 10 subproject managers, 40 project employees, 20 business contacts (business group). 3:25 PM Dec 10th
  • #BECF Just four months left and how to schedule work: system to be developed, 300 admins to be trained, change initiative to be communicated to 88k employees? 3:07 PM Dec 10th
  • #BECF A lesson in requirements definition: the question determines the answer! “Do we actually need this?” vs. “We need this; you agree, don’t you?” 3:03 PM Dec 10th
  • #BECF How to break down work and master complexity by defining manageable taks? Reducing what? Quantitative vs. qualitative aspects. 2:57 PM Dec 10th
  • #BECF What would you do, if you are the freshly assigned business project manager and have to deliver results in 5 months (remember the pre-project took a year already)? 2:50 PM Dec 10th
  • #BECF Crafting a Business Blueprint to start the actual project: a pre-project which alone has taken almost an entire year! 2:23 PM Dec 10th
  • #BECF How to roll out a corporate HR system within a enterprise group covering many firms in 30 countries (some even having their own HR infrastructure)? 2:18 PM Dec 10th
  • #BECF It’s not that bad being an engineer and working within the HR department 2:13 PM Dec 10th
  • Richard Klein from E.ON is speaking today at the Consulting Forum about the challenges of a global HR project #BECF 2:13 PM Dec 10th