Design Thinking for Business

On April 20, Valentina Catena hosted a marvellous session about “design thinking”. More than forty business students, consultants, facilitators, and academics experienced methods of underestanding user’s interests, attitudes, and desires.

Video from the event:

You can find imrpessions from the event in our Flickr gallery.DSC_0529

Twitter minutes:

  • Big hands for Valentina Catena. Thank you very much for hosting today’s session. What a marvelous experience. #BECF
  • Consulting Forum participants admiring their prototypes. Wow, what a hell of great stuff … #BECF
  • Now it’s getting really tough (at least for business students :) ) – develop some radical ideas to meet your user’s needs! #BECF
  • Defining to the problem statement …Before that: describing things, the user is trying to do and ways the user want to feel. #BECF
  • Creating a “persona” – a picture of the user: what (s)he feels, desires, his/her private and professional background, attitude, etc. #BECF
  • Digging deeper into users wishes, needs, fears, dreams, etc. People interviewing each other by using
  • The one who is telling a story based on the contents of his/her wallet is the “user” – the listener is the design thinker. #BECF
  • That was a problem solving approach in innovation. Now let’s taste the difference: Introduce yourself by the content of your wallet #BECF
  • Starting the challenge … working in pairs … the task: design the ideal wallet … start with a sketch … #BECF
  • The magic marker … any thing can be whatever you like it to be … warming up the creativity of the group. #BECF
  • Understanding the process of design thinking … particularly the importance of “story telling” and “emphatizing”. #BECF
  • Valentina Catena just started her session at the Berlin Consulting Forum. 40 people excited to experience design thinking today. #BECF

The twitter minutes and photos from the workshop are also available on the event’s page.

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