Get negative people to cooperate

End of January 2012, Harald Kjellin from Stockholm University hosted an exciting workshop on “power games”. In this workshop we experienced how to handle people who behave bad or do not want to listen to us. In addition, we learned to cope with specific types of bosses and co-workers and practiced how to effectively say “no”.

References to literature and a brief video can be found on the event’s page.

Be fast, innovative and a good team player!


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On January 13th, we faced a very special challenge: the Marshmallow Experience. Teams of four aimed at building the highest possible construction, putting a marshmallow on top. The material? Just 20 sticks of spaghetti, some tape and rope. Lessons learned? … Continue reading

Winter series coming soon

The upcoming Winter series will feature four events about “agility and self organization”. Boris Gloger, one of the pioneers of agile project management, will make the start in early November. The final workshop will be held in January by Harald Kjellin, Professor at Stockholm University. For more and up to date information please visit the event area.