Play Seriously – Prototyping of Mental Models with LEGO


On Friday, June 1, 2012 we enjoyed rapid prototyping of mental models with about 40 participants at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Thank you, Katrin Elster and Strategic Play, for creating this playful experience for us!

Pictures of the session are available on flickr. The following video gives more insights.

Thanks for playing!

For more info about the topic, please check the latest blog post by Strategic Play:
Why LEGO® (or LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™) works great for Strategy and Service Design

The Emperors New Clothes

Agile fairytales – playing for meaningful interactions in stressful situation

Happy EndingsFairytales have ever been used to teach us lessons in life. Agile fairytales are fairytales we all know re-told from a professional perspectives. The Emperor’s New Clothes Agile Fairytale helps to improve meaningful interactions in stressful situations and thus to reflect agile communication values. Karen Schmidt shared the concept developed by Portia Tung for the first time in Berlin during the Berlin Consulting Forum Session on May 11, 2012. Continue reading

BECF Summer series opening this week!

The 4th Berlin Consulting Forum series is open! It starts with a session on Design Thinking and Storytelling hosted by Valentina Catena on April 20th and will be followed by three other interactive sessions around the common theme “collaboration”.

With this series we introduce a registration for all events. It’s still free and fun, but our hosts need to prepare some material for the sessions. Please sign-up for the events and make their live easier. See you soon!