Accelerated Team Integration with cultureQs®

“A friendly takeover created the world’s largest manufacturer of a system component required in all trains. The new senior management team consisted of British, German, Belgian, Swiss German and Swiss French members, responsible for engineering and manufacturing facilities in Britain, Germany, France, Poland and Switzerland with corporate headquarters in French-speaking Canada. Cultural Integration was essential.
Their first meeting: they had just completed a relatively relaxed getting-to-know- each-other-session when a Senior Vice-President said, “That was really good. I’ve now got a much better idea of who we all are, but we have a lot of
questions to answer before we are really able to work together.”

This was the birth of the idea:

  • Create a framework for colleagues to gain deep insights into each others’ motivators in a condensed period of time
  • Formulate open questions. The group will find the appropriate answers
  • This is cultureQs: critical questions and provocative cues pertinent to cross-cultural interactions

Eric Lynn – creator of The Cultural Integration Game - hosted a playful experience for us on January 18th, 2013.   Continue reading

Service Innovation at Volkswagen

Service innovation has already changed traditional industries, and it will certainly not stop doing so in the future. In this regard, customer-driven innovation became a particularly hot topic. In the automotive industry, it has been a long journey from Ford’s famous quote (“any customer can have a car of any color … as long as it is black”) to today’s companies with their corporate mission of being “mobility service providers” rather than pure “car manufacturers”. In our workshop, we will gain some insights from Volkswagen’s Service Innovation Team. How is one of the biggest players inventing value-added services … and how do they make sure to meet customer’s demands?   

Sessions Hosts:

Franziska Krüger & Marianna Recchia
Service Innovation Team, Volkswagen AG

More info about Franziska on LinkedIN
More info about Marianna on LinkedIN

Twitter minutes:

  • #BECF Applause, applause – 1000 Thx for a marvellous event to Marianna Recchia & Franziska Krueger!!!
  • #BECF Collecting the results of the teams. Pics will be available on the BECF website soon
  •  #BECF The four meeting types are: regular team meeting; co-creation (ideation) session, deadline meeting, meeting with client
  •  #BECF Students teams reflecting on 4 different types of team meetings. What are the intentions, the challenges, the tools, and the roles?
  •  #BECF intrdocucing an interactive team session. Experience dialogue in group sessions -> The Kubus PM System of Copenhagen Business School
  •  #BECF How we invent … everybody is an expert: observation as the most important point. The example of inventing Swiffer (Procter & Gamble)
  •  #BECF Thinking in extremes helps stimulating ideas. “Imagine a car could fly!” Co-creating on all levels and prototyping ideas!
  •  #Crucial differences between car design and service design (developing services around cars). What are similarities in design/innovation?
  •  #BECF EMPATHY as a major issue in service innovation. Developing a deep understanding what people actually do, feel, desire, need …
  •  #BECF from “Design for” to “design with”! People change, services change -> accordingly innovation processes change as well: Design WITH the people!
  • #BECF about “communicating intentions” in business innovation projects. With experiences and stories from Volkswagen Service Innovation
  • #BECF Berlin Consulting Forum starting in a couple of minutes. Today with @frantastique and @marianna_rec

Impressions from the event:

Mobile Strategies as Drivers for Business Innovation

Mobile services have become part of our everyday life and drive innovative services and industry trends. Still, creating mobile services and business models or extending existing services to the mobile space is an area in its infancy. The lack of meaningful market data and internal capabilities make it difficult for companies to unleash their mobile potential. Jointly we will discuss challenges and success factors when it comes to mobile services and strategies.

Session Host:

Dr. Alexander Koeppen-Dlugosch
(Pocketweb GmbH)

More info about our host on LinkedIN


On Friday, the 2nd of November 2012, Alexander Koeppen-Dlugosch hosted a workshop on the success factors of mobile applications. When do mobile ideas become more than “just another app”? In which cases turn mobile strategies out as “real business” that creates serious money (an inventor can live from)? The audience of 37 students, scientists, entrepreneurs, and consultants,  was surprised to hear how few mobile ideas make it to the market. And they were surprised to hear what effort it takes to make an idea become a strategy and a strategy become a product. The most exciting moment of the workshop? When the particpants shaped their own strategies for mobile services… and challenged the other participants to play “devil’s advocate”.

Thank you very much Alexander for deep insights and a thrilling event!

Play Seriously – Prototyping of Mental Models with LEGO


On Friday, June 1, 2012 we enjoyed rapid prototyping of mental models with about 40 participants at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Thank you, Katrin Elster and Strategic Play, for creating this playful experience for us!

Pictures of the session are available on flickr. The following video gives more insights.

Thanks for playing!

For more info about the topic, please check the latest blog post by Strategic Play:
Why LEGO® (or LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™) works great for Strategy and Service Design

The Emperors New Clothes

Agile fairytales – playing for meaningful interactions in stressful situation

Happy EndingsFairytales have ever been used to teach us lessons in life. Agile fairytales are fairytales we all know re-told from a professional perspectives. The Emperor’s New Clothes Agile Fairytale helps to improve meaningful interactions in stressful situations and thus to reflect agile communication values. Karen Schmidt shared the concept developed by Portia Tung for the first time in Berlin during the Berlin Consulting Forum Session on May 11, 2012. Continue reading

BECF Summer series opening this week!

The 4th Berlin Consulting Forum series is open! It starts with a session on Design Thinking and Storytelling hosted by Valentina Catena on April 20th and will be followed by three other interactive sessions around the common theme “collaboration”.

With this series we introduce a registration for all events. It’s still free and fun, but our hosts need to prepare some material for the sessions. Please sign-up for the events and make their live easier. See you soon!

Get negative people to cooperate

End of January 2012, Harald Kjellin from Stockholm University hosted an exciting workshop on “power games”. In this workshop we experienced how to handle people who behave bad or do not want to listen to us. In addition, we learned to cope with specific types of bosses and co-workers and practiced how to effectively say “no”.

References to literature and a brief video can be found on the event’s page.

Be fast, innovative and a good team player!


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On January 13th, we faced a very special challenge: the Marshmallow Experience. Teams of four aimed at building the highest possible construction, putting a marshmallow on top. The material? Just 20 sticks of spaghetti, some tape and rope. Lessons learned? … Continue reading