Accelerated Team Integration with cultureQs®

“A friendly takeover created the world’s largest manufacturer of a system component required in all trains. The new senior management team consisted of British, German, Belgian, Swiss German and Swiss French members, responsible for engineering and manufacturing facilities in Britain, Germany, France, Poland and Switzerland with corporate headquarters in French-speaking Canada. Cultural Integration was essential.
Their first meeting: they had just completed a relatively relaxed getting-to-know- each-other-session when a Senior Vice-President said, “That was really good. I’ve now got a much better idea of who we all are, but we have a lot of
questions to answer before we are really able to work together.”

This was the birth of the idea:

  • Create a framework for colleagues to gain deep insights into each others’ motivators in a condensed period of time
  • Formulate open questions. The group will find the appropriate answers
  • This is cultureQs: critical questions and provocative cues pertinent to cross-cultural interactions

Eric Lynn – creator of The Cultural Integration Game - hosted a playful experience for us on January 18th, 2013.  

Image 135 People from all continents came together to play cultureQs®: The Cultural Integration Game that lays the foundation for. Eric designed it primarily for International Management and Project Teams. It challenges players (team members) to openly exchange perspectives on the core motivators governing their attitudes and behaviour, invisible barriers that hinder effective cooperation simply fall away.

Image 5 The potential of the team is released, enabling not just a common focus on their goals, but the high performance associated with the interaction of professionals with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds.

Especially when people from different backgrounds need to work together, there’s a critical need for them to tell their stories and feel understood. Image 3The photos tell their own story: It’s serious highly effective fun!It’s human, it’s automatic and probably the most effective way to remove barriers to collaboration. This is the cultureQs® invitation.

How cultureQs works and adds value to a corporation or organisation

The approach is simple yet profound, and highly effective:
Image 6When conflict occurs in organisations, a great deal of energy is wasted while the stakeholders talk (frequently negatively) about each other.

cultureQs® enables people to talk WITH each other. – This is the ONLY way to quickly clarify differences and assure a common focus.

The two key principles:

  1. Bring people together and let them talk!
  2. Most interpersonal knowledge that any multicultural team needs resides within the group. They do not need a trainer to “tell” them anything! cultureQs® facilitates their exchange.
Eric will be happy to provide further information if you contact him via email.

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