We believe in people who think outside the box and possess passion for new challenges. We aim at providing a platform for young professionals and emerging leaders with “that certain something” who possess wit, esprit and specialist knowledge. The Berlin Consulting Forum has been established in order to discuss new trends, approved concepts and methodologies, cross-discipline perspectives and technological inventions with a special impact to business.

The Berlin Consulting Forum aims at …

Creating an open forum
The Forum is open for students, consultants, trainers, facilitators as well as other groups of people who are interested to discuss “hot” business topics and make contact with international experts and senior managers who are willing to grant a peek behind the curtain of their daily business.

Enabling knowledge transfer
For our events, we are inviting people who have something to tell: business stories which you won’t read in any academic book. You can learn from this long-term professional experience and get tips and tricks at first hand.

Connecting the dots
Young talents can benefit from senior professionals – but the opposite is true as well! The Forum is trying to link passion with experience, theory with practice, facts with opinions, and last but not least complex topics with relaxed atmosphere.

Showing career paths
If you are considering a career as project manager or consultant, the Forum will hopefully help you understanding alternative job profiles and thus supporting your decision (e.g. consulting industries, inhouse/external consultants, etc.).